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Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance

Travelling can be risky when you may face accident or any other loss bringing financial burden. Whether you travel in national location or overseas, it is, important you do cover your trip with right insurance. Many companies offer travel insurance for traveler covering all major aspects of the journey. Therefore, it is very important to know beforehand about what things are covered by the travel insurance companies.

This will help you to plan your trip accordingly-

1.Trip Cancellation Coverage

One of the primary concerns of any travelers is the cancellation of trips. Travel insurance may cover the cancellation and interruptions, but reasons may matter and the cancellation may differ. Reputed travel insurance companies offer policies with the list of covered reasons for trip cancellation.

In case, your cancellation reason is not in the list then your insurance is not covered. Cancellation of flight is certainly a loss. Therefore, travel insurance companies offer coverages for trip cancellation.

2.Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

If you are suffering from an illness that has been treated prior to your trip, then most of the travel insurance will not cover the policy. So it is advised to go for travel medical insurance, which is divided, into two- Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation.

  • In emergency medical, the coverage will reimburse cost of medical if there is an illness or injury.
  • Medical Evacuation can help in arranging for transportation to the nearest hospital for medical emergency.

3.Travel Delay coverage

There are chances that your flight might be delayed or your connecting flight is missed. There could be mechanical breakdown or weather issue; travel insurance will refund your meals and hotel accommodation during the delay.

4.Covering Lost or Delayed Luggage

There are chances that during the journey your personal items may be lost or damaged during handling. In case, your luggage is delayed, you can be refunded up to the policy’s benefit limit, to purchase clothes and other essentials after 12-24 hours. However, you need to confirm well with the travel insurance company regarding the same.

Bottom Line-

It is very important while planning for your trip to check with the travel insurance to know what things are covered and what are not. You can check with Travel Dil se for the best Tour and travel packages and in case for further assistance while booking a trip with them.

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