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We wonder where to start from, the topic in itself brings a smile on our face with lots of flashback. Images of the struggle we went through, the encouragement and discouragement we got from friends, families, colleagues. The hurdles, road blocks, achievements, celebrations to the nightmares of delays in technology development and so on.
  • The two of them started the venture working from home with two laptops and some reference business they managed to secure through friends and family for about a period of first six months.
  • With little savings they had, they bought an office on rent in Delhi and started operations with a skeletal team of 2 staff.
  • Slowly they formed their core team members by handpicking them carefully and surviving in a bootstrapped manner.
  • Closed their first year of operation successfully handling close trips for nearly 500 people with 93% customer satisfaction ratio.
  • Received Angel funding to take their dream online.
  • They bring Product development in-house bringing the total team strength to 12 people.
  • After setting a strong base on product, inventories, research and data, they finally start development on building the online platform.
  • Sumita joins MakeMyTrip where she meets Natesh. At this point Natesh has had over Fourteen years of experience and Sumita has had Eight years.
  • Natesh was heading the domestic holiday business in Make My Trip, while Sumita was responsible for the Holiday Products & Procurement/ Contracting.
  • They saw a huge opportunity in taking the entire itinerary management – planning & booking engine for holidays business online which was conducted in the traditional way by most of the players.
  • Together they decided to create something which has never been thought off, that will bring a fresh wave of revolution in the travel-tech
  • They bid adieu to the corporate world to start their entrepreneur journey and
  • Showed a growth of more than 90% YOY.
  • With a pure focus on high customer service, close to 40% of their business comes from repeat & referral which gives them the space and breather to work their marketing budgets well.
  • They take their product to an outsourced development company - but encounter issues.
  • Their online product - dynamic holidays planning & booking engine was live.
  • After 4 successful years into operations, they have successfully booked and handled more than 5000 customers and curated 2000 plus itineraries worldwide.

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