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International Travel Agency in Delhi

Your Ultimate Guide to Beach Hopping in Seychelles

International Travel Agency in Delhi

Scattered across the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is nothing short of a paradise with 115 gorgeous islands. So if you are looking for romance, leisure, water sports or just pure bliss, Seychelles will woo you with its exquisite beaches, turquoise waters, pristine sand and the palm trees.

Let this International Travel agency in Delhi help you find the perfect beach in Seychelles.

Mahe is the largest island in Seychelles. Let's look at some of the exotic beaches here.

AnseIntendance Beach-

This is a beautiful beach with a raw charm, filled with powdery white sand. The intense turquoise water will hypnotize you and if you're someone who likes to lie down on the sand and let the day go by, this is the place for you. You won't find shops here but you can get yourself a drink from the beach bar.

Beau Vallon Beach-

Beau Vallon is a bay on the North Western coast of Mahe.

This beach is a great destination for both families and couples. You will love the clear and shallow waters here with the beautiful underwater scenery, making for the perfect spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. In case you are feeling more adventurous, you could also go windsurfing or jet skiing.

Anse Georgette Beach-

Not many are aware of this extraordinarily beautiful beach as it is hidden away in the grounds of the Constance Lemuria Resort. You will fall in love with this quiet beach as well as with its unblemished shades of blue waters.

Anse Cocos Beach-

A 30-minute trek from Grand Anse, this secluded beach flaunts a stunning stretch of sand and beautiful boulders.

It is not safe to swim here but in case you are tempted to take a cool dip, head to the far side of the beach to find a natural pool surrounded by boulders.

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International trip is everyone's dream, and today people save money to visit international locations. Be it Sri Lanka, Singapore, Dubai or any other location, to visit any location, you need assistance from experts. This is when you want to connect with a reputed international travel agency in Delhi, which is ready to assist people travelling international location without much hassle. However, when you can connect with the agent, you need to consider the price of the service they offer. The price for the service completely depends on the research work and planning your itinerary involved. For instance, Travel Dilse one of the leading international travel agency in Delhi charges according the place and services you require. The best thing about hiring them is to make they make the process of planning easy. In the age of online booking sites, travel agents may be fading away. However, they are still useful and offer more than just planning and selling tickets. If you want more than just a regular service than you must connect with the best service.

Let us now check what makes international travel agent worth to hire-

They help to save cost-

When plan for any trip, especially overseas trip, the major concern is how we can save money? From flight, tickets to accommodation and other thing demand more money than regional trip. There are hidden strategies that can help you to save the money. They have access to some unique benefits that can help in saving your money and provide you a better experience. This includes- spa credits, food and beverage credits stay discounts, etc. All these can really help in saving money which might miss while doing it self. You can even get exclusive priority access to attractions that and really value your money.

Provide good guidance-

Another best part of getting service from reputed international agency is they guide you through every aspect of the trip. They will give you complete insight about the specific location and guide you. They will provide information which place you must visit, how to reach and what important thing you must know. They will also give access to guide in the respective country for your assistance. All these under one price of the service.

24/7 Service-

Whether you are visiting for the first time or visited earlier too, you need a backup to help you during issues faced during the tour. The language, documentation and other problems can arise in new country, so you have a stress free tour.

Best Resources-

International travel agents have access to various tools, which the average consumer does not have. This may be getting the accommodation in desired hotel at the low price, better seat on the plane, added amenities, event tickets etc. Since you won't be going to international trip throughout the year, you need to experience everything in this one trip. Travel agents have a strong tie-up with event companies, hotels and other resources helping you to get the best service.


Your time is valuable and you don't have to spend much of your time in searching for the right vacation and other resources. So connecting with the reputed travel agent for your international trip, you get the best service for a convenient trip. They can match your need with the vacation you actually want or dreaming. Some destination may look good on pictures, but you need to have complete understanding about the place, and travel agents will help in getting you the same.

Making good relationship-

As you continuously stay touch with the travel agent, you start to build a good relationship. Moreover, to have a good image and offer quality service, the travel agent will keep a good relationship with you. You can connect with them through email and phone call whenever you need an assistance. Having a good, relationship will help in getting professional service.

Getting Added Value Service-

One of the best things about using international travel agency in Delhi is you get benefit service. Ever wonder why the couple in the room next to yours got champagne, but not you? This is because they probably used the travel agent who helped them in getting the best-added service. This is the reason you need to go for the reputed travel agency who is ready to offer more than just you need.

They are problem solvers-

In addition to regular travel service, agents are ready to assist you to fix things if the trip goes awry. In average, consumer book one or two international trips per year from different travel suppliers. This doesn't give them the advantage if things go wrong. Therefore, when you connect with the same travel agent, you get the best-personalized service in case of any issues.

Time Saver-

The best part of using professional service is you can save enough of your time. You don't have to waste time over searching for new services, places and discount for every trip you make. Once you are connected to the reputed travel agent, you get the best service for long term. You don't need to waste time over things, and once you hand over the job to the agent, all your burden is brought down.


International travel agency in Delhi like Travel DilSe have been offering quality tour services. They offer customized tour service to clients wanting to travel overseas. Be it Singapore or Dubai, you can connect with them and travel around. From creating itinerary to booking flights, they take care everything you want to make your tour memorable one.