5 Smart ways to have the next Affordable trip

Affordable trip
Affordable trip planing

If you look at your Instagram or Facebook account, you may find people travelling and posting pictures for the same. If you are one among those who desire to travel too but are short on budget, we have got you covered.

In this article, we are going to lay down some tips which will help you in having an affordable Trip to the place you desire to travel.

1) Using Miles- 

Many of us use debit cards or cash to pay for our utilities or expenses. It may seem to be a good idea; however, there are several credit card companies which provide miles for you if you pay the bills regularly and timely. You can use these miles for every kind of travel expenses such as flight tickets, trains, subways and sometimes even your Uber expenses.

2) Staying at hostels-

When we go to a foreign place much of our money is spent on hotels rooms or accommodation in general. However, if you plan to be in a place for the short term, availing the services of hostels could be great. Hostels are low budget accommodation shared among travellers. If you book a stay in it, you are going to get a bed instead of a room in comparison to a hotel.

The best thing about these hostels is that you get a chance to interact with fellow travellers, which enhances the experience. Furthermore, there are several hostels which provide facilities such as locked cupboard, etc in addition to bed too.

3) Book smartly-

We compare several ticket booking sites, sure that’s a good way of booking. However, there are some other ways too, such as setting up a flight fare alert. There are sites such as Airfarewatchdog which give you email alerts based on your chosen criteria.

Along with that, you should select days when booking tickets can be cheaper. For example- Booking tickets on Tuesday can give you a good deal as compared to other days.

4) Staying updated- 

By following companies on their social media handles, you can get information about any last minute deals, exclusive packages among other things. Though most of the time they are nothing but marketing gimmicks, however sometimes they actually are beneficial. 

5) Travelling during off seasons-

Yes, following this tip, you may miss out some of the fun. However, it is going to be highly cost effective for you if you plan to save some money. For example- People prefer travelling to Goa in the months of October, however travelling in some other month may also be a good idea.

Moreover, if you are travelling with someone you like spending time with, only the place matters and not the environment. Travel dil se is the one stop solution of all your travelling needs.

So this is all from our side. We hope you found this article helpful. We suggest you travel regularly as it widens our perspective and brings new experiences in our life. Furthermore, life is not meant to be spent staying at home its good to take some time off work and escape to the andaman Islands for a Silent and serene holiday . There are Use all the tips we provided in this article to make your trip adorable.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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