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Are you thinking of having a grand New Years’ this time? Travel Dil se has found the perfect match for you! The new year calls for a grand celebration with the dearest ones.

No matter what your itinerary looks like, there will always be room to chill and relax at a cozy place with some good music. Singapore is known for its bars all over the world. The astonishing sights that it has to offer are unmatched from any other country’s. Head down to these fantastic bars that have got charmed in its own best angle.

1.Cé La Vi

This is known as the most hyped bars of the town, and it is located out of the very famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The surroundings give a surreal experience that it is so exotic that you forget any worry in the world and live in this moment. Don’t forget to enjoy their best rums that this place has in store for you. We recommend checking their official website before you head to this bar as the gig starts by 9 pm on Saturdays and later on the eve on weekdays. For an astonishing trip to Singapore book our cutom honeymoon packages today.

2. Level33

Do you wish to enjoy some brewery? This place is known for being a real paradise for all the beer enthusiasts. Chug down some chilled beer in this urban craft arena with some mesmerizing views from over the top. We warn you that you’ll get sway away by the central views of the city. You’ll thank us later for this good life as it is next to stunning. It is advisable to book your place so that you and your pals can grab the seating area before 6 pm. You can also try various cocktails. Don’t forget to enjoy the steal deals like 1+1 offers before eight sharp as the prices get a bit higher at late night.

3. Hi-So

Are you awed by the glamorous world? Bringing you a bit of glamour, this lovely bar is situated in the building of the So Hotel. This place leaves none of its visitors to be disappointed as the heritage is so appealing. Enjoy a movie view with your lover, where you can sightsee the impressive skyscrapers. What a fantastic place where you can see a 360-degree view of Singapore! The best part is you can enjoy the crazy deals and enjoy the pool parties over the weekend.

4. Loof

There are some places that get complements the saying: “Old but Gold.” Though Loof is an old place yet, it has not lost its charm and has a quirky bar. If you’re here even for leisure or for work purposes, then this place is surely not a miss! With a lush, green vertical garden, you’ll be amazed to see the shiny skylines. Don’t forget to try their special ‘Asian sensations’ from their spunky menu. Make sure that you hit the bar before 8 pm to get hot deals on the cocktails.

Singapore has the most enjoyable tropical evenings that are loved by all throughout the year. Book your tickets today with from the best international travel agency in delhi today, and get ready for the spectacular views of the city.

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