Nothing Is More Luxurious Than An Island Holiday In Mauritius


If you have planned to head to Mauritius on a holiday, you are in for an exciting mix of experiences that can fittingly make the trip an unbeatable expedition. The Republic of Mauritius is an Island situated in the Indian Ocean off the continent of Africa. Think of Mauritius topography and what will stand out in your mind are the volcanoes, lagoons, palm-lined beaches and a scenic coral reef bordering a major part of the coast. Not a bad list of some stunning features for a travel destination, right?

All about Mauritius

Beautiful Island

Mauritius is located approximately 2400 km from Africa’s southern coast. The island spans an area of 1,865 sq kms or 720 sq miles. The length of the total coastline  is 330 km. The mixed kind of Mauritius population is known for racial harmony. You will find this a unique nation on the earth that has tried its best to preserve the ancestral cultures of a diverse range of traditions including those of the Hindus, Muslims, Creoles, Chinese and Europeans.

Languages of Mauritius

The majority of the Mauritians are bilinguals being able to converse fluently in both English and French—so, you would not be in much trouble if you needed to ask for directions! English is the official language of the state while French and Creole are spoken widely.The linguistic mosaic also ensues from the oriental languages.

When to visit Mauritius

You can go to Mauritius all-year-round. The warmest climate is seen in February and the coolest month of the year is July. When to visit the Island depends on your preferences and what you wish to do once you are there.

Mauritius in summer


If a beach holiday is your priority on the Island, it is best to plan your trip between October and April. During this season, you can expect refreshing swims and enticing breezes. Since summer is usually the peak season for tourism, you can expect to see a huge crowd there. The most popular activity here during summer is indulging in a range of water sports, although fishing is at its peak during this period.

Mauritius in winter

Between July and September, the temperature is very cool here. It rarely rains during the winter in Mauritius – rains, if any, are in the form of brief showers in the evenings. Since winter is an off-peak season for Mauritius tourism, the hotel and taxi prices are low. The cool weather in winter is suitable for hiking and quad-biking. Waves during the winter make for the best time for surfing.

Must-do adventures on the Island

A holiday at Mauritius cannot be complete without indulging in some extreme activities like karting, diving, hiking, zip lining, river trekking, mountain biking, kite surfing, fun drives, caves diving, sea hovering, and skydiving.

Best places to see

The central themes of Mauritius attractions are wildlife and local history. The amazing landscapes, the Safari and Bird Park, Ile Aux Aigrettes Island, Vallée des Couleurs, and Crocodile & Giant Tortoises Park will invite you and thrill you beyond compare. For a big fun time with the family visit the Curious Corner of Chamarel, Kids Adventure Park or the Treetops Adventure.All in all, the tourismexperience at Mauritius can be highly enriched with a lot of things for everytaste and expectation. So, choose from the list of Mauritius tour packages and make your next holiday the most memorable one.

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